Natsuki Shinomiya

四ノ宮那月, Satsuki
Age: 18 Birthday: June 9 Zodiac sign: Gemini Height: 186 cm Weight: 70 kg Blood type: AB Instrument: Viola Hobbies: Cooking Another of Harukas classmate he plays the viola though he used to play the violin. He has an extreme fondness for cute things leading him to take a liking to Haruka. In the anime upon his first encounter with Haruka he calls her Elizabeth saying that she reminds him of his dog. He shares a room with Shou whom he claims to be as cute as Haruka and is very affectionate towards him. He loves to cook but is very poor at it his food makes everyone who eats it sick. He has two personalities. Whenever he takes off his glasses he becomes an entirely different person: Satsuki . If Natsuki isnt brought back he wreaks havoc and has put more than 50000 people in the hospital. Satsuki also has an unexpected talent for composing. Natsuki doesnt remember time spent as Satsuki. From the game: