Eren Yeager

エレン・イェーガー, Eren Jaeger, Eren Jäger, Suicidal Maniac, Shi ni Isogi Yarou (死に急ぎ野郎)
Birthday:Mar 30
Initial Age:15
Initial Height: 170 cm 57 Affiliation: Survey Corps Eren was born to Carla and Grisha Yeager in Shiganshina District on March 30th 835 in the southern region of Wall Maria. He grew up in the town with his parents and foster sister Mikasa who moved in with the Yeagers as a child. Eren spends most of his time with Mikasa and their mutual best friend Armin whom the pair often defend from neighborhood bullies. Eren is a passionate determined hardheaded and impulsive young man. When they were children Armin showed him a book depicting the wonders of the outside world. Eren grew to share Armins curiosity of the world beyond the Walls and resolved to see it for himself. This dream inspired his admiration of the Survey Corps and his desire to join their ranks as soon as he became eligible for enrollment. When the Titans break through Wall Maria into Shiganshina Eren is forced to watch on as his mother is trapped under the rubble of their house and eaten by a titan. Forever changed from this event Eren vows to kill every last titan.