Kazuna Takashiro

高城 一砂
MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS: Chizunas younger brother. Recently afflicted by a vampiric condition that is passed down through the Takashiro family. He has his mothers last name. At the first of the manga series he admits to himself hes in love with Yaegashi but later pushes her away after he has a dream in which he killed her for her blood. As Kazuna showly cuts ties with Yaegashi he begins to fall in love with his sister. The two even kiss once in the anime twice in the manga. For his disease Chizuna gives him two bottles one of a serum that gives her some relief and one for suicide if it becomes too much. At the end with Chizuna near death he declares that he will take the suicide medicine because he cant think of living on after she dies. Later both are shown unconscious on the floor of Chizunas bedroom. In the anime he dies. In the manga in the next chapter he is shown in the hospital with no memory of what has happened in the past year. According to Chizuna he looks like their father. Source: Wikipedia