Utsuho Azako

An itsuwaribito with the motto of karma. Utsuho is a whitehaired teenaged boy his hair spiked straight up with a headband. Early in the series he never let his hair down however later on he often has it let down. It is unknown where he originally comes from but he speaks with a Kansai dialect. Originally the son of a government official he is an orphan due to the murder of his parents by thieves as a child. He knows that since he could only tell the truth when he was a child and told the thieves the entire layout of the house it is his fault that his parents and servants were killed so easily. As such as a teenager he believed telling the truth was for idiots and always lied as an Itswarubito. However the priest who took him in told Utsuho on his deathbed that he wanted Utsuho to believe in people and not always rely on lies. Taking the priests final wish of wanting to save 1000 people Utsuho decides to go on a journey to complete this goal as an Itsuwaribito. He has skills in fishing bomb making weapon wielding minor medical aid and quick disguises and fights through his cleverness. He did have a butterfly blade hidden in his sleeve for close combat but it was broken by the enemy in chapter 39. After this he obtains dual blades and he now often uses these. He wields his weapons and battle strategies aloofly and has confidence in his ability to not be tricked. He loves playing pranks and tricking people with his lies and often has the most fun tricking Yakuma but does not try and trick Uzume or Pochi as often. On the other hand he absolutely hates to be tricked and also hates troublesome things. He is quite studied and has knowledge on many things but that knowledge was all learned from books in the village of the orphans so when he experiences something hes never seen before he has a tendency of getting excited. His catchphrases are Thats uncool and I was lying about lying. Source: Wikipedia