Yakuma Koshiro

An 18yearold stellar doctor who is looking for a remedy for one of his patients in the capital. He plays the tsukkomi role in the series. He is a very serious if not too serious young man with long black hair and sharp blue eyes. He does not use weapons but can take many hits and has the power that can take down even a large man with a single attack. Utsuho recognizes that skill and his seriousness and he is one of the allies he relies on the most along with Pochi and Neya. Although his sense of responsibility and power of judgement are very strong he often gets tricked and to this there are many times that Utsuho chides him for it. His power of analysis is very high as he was able to know the identity of a crossdressing man and was able to notice the feelings of love Neya holds for Utsuho. He hates Itsuwaribito and at first Utsuho was no exception and Yakuma distrusted him. However after working with him and Pochi for a while he was able to trust him very much. At the same time he gets a tendency to always worry about the bigmouthed Utsuho and Pochi and gets called Mom or sisterinlaw by them for it. As the elder member of the group he often cheers up Neya and also cheers on her love towards Utsuho. He is in fact a foreigner which is proved by his knowledge of foreign surgeries knowing foreign stories the others do not know and also not knowing Japanese tales which all the others do. Source: Wikipedia