Hamrio Musica

ハムリオ・ムジカ, Silver-Claimer
Musica is the leader of a band of infamous thieves known as the Silver Rhythm gang that reside in Punk Street. He owns and pilots a flying ship called the Advent. He has long brown hair in the beginning of the series but later wears it in a shorter black spiky style has three distinctive piercings above his left eyebrow and is always wearing a skull necklace that he uses as a weapon in conjunction with his silverclaiming abilities. He first meets Haru Glory and Elie in Punk Street when Haru is there looking for Musica the Blacksmith to fix his broken sword. Elie mistakes him for Musica the blacksmith. He helps Haru rescue Elie from Lance but decides not to join Haru039s Group. Musica and Haru039s paths soon cross again when Musica helps defeat an assassin sent to kill Haru and Elie and also helps Haru defeat Shuda and his subordinates. He then officially joins Haru. Musica039s power helps Haru039s group greatly as do Musica039s fighting skills. He039s equal with Haru and the two make a formidable team. He became Haru039s good friend helping him in his search for the Rave Stones while searching for the Silver Ray. Musica is also very loyal when one of his subordinates Snake got caught during a robbery he turned himself in to break both of them out. He never once doubts Haru and is always there when he needs him. Musica has a weakness for beautiful women and will flirt with any beautiful girl he meets. He has the Musica family tattoo on his left shoulder. When he was young Musica039s family was wiped out by Lance the quotBeast Swordquot of Demon Card with a sword forged by his grandfather Galein Musica. He was then taken in by Rize a silverclaimer who raised him and taught him the ways of silverclaiming. On Rize039s deathbed he asked Musica to find Silver Ray and destroy it to which Musica agreed. Musica later discovered that the Oni Fortress River Saly was in fact the Silver Ray in disguise. After a battle with the oni leader Ogre he managed to destroy the Silver Ray with the help of Reina. The weapon was then reborn as an artifact which Reina called quotThe OceanRending spear Silver Rayquot. Musica now carries both the Silver Ray and Reina039s silver as they have fused with his own.