Saya Kisaragi

Age: Unknown Occupation: Student former Weapons: Katana/Anything Sturdy A miko and a chiropteran slayer. She is known to her friends to be very dense with no common sense especially when it comes to love. Appearance Saya is a young teenager with long black hair that is usually kept up into a low ponytail or low twintails in one or two red ribbons that are wrapped around them at the back of her head gray/grey eyes that sometimes turn red long natural nails and black ovalshaped glasses with white thin temples and the rest of it being rimless. She usually wears either her shrine maiden outfit or high school uniform. In BloodC: The Last Dark her outfit is a dark navy blue sailor uniform with white lining on the collar and ends of sleeves as well as a red bow. Despite her youthful appearance Saya is hinted to be much older. Fake Personality: Saya is initially portrayed as a kind clumsy and helpful person acting very cheerful and singing songs in the morning. She loved her friends her family and her normal life as well as being dutiful in her familys fighting against the Elder Bairn. Actual Personality However it is revealed at the end of the series that her cheerful personality was faked due to an experiment. Her true and original personality is a cold and serious person often causing troubles to the city and places wherever she goes. She has a very deep hatred towards Fumito Nanahara and he states that she does not care for humans and wishes to be able to drink their blood but is unable to due to a contract made with an unknown person. Abilities: Saya has displayed abilities far above natural human capabilities. This is most notable in the fact that she has survived numerous battles with Elder Barin. Enhanced Endurance: Saya has been shown surviving injuries that would kill a human without question and still be capable of fighting even with said injuries. After having her head blown open by Fumito Nanahara she simply bandages the injury and leaves the experiment site. Enhanced Strength: Despite her petite appearance Saya was capable of holding her ground against Elder Barins much larger than her like Cerberus with either a katana anything sturdy or emptyhanded. Swordsmanship: Saya has shown herself to be a competent swordswoman although the style she uses is unknown. A majority of Elder Bairns slain by Saya were defeated when she was wielding a katana. Intelligence: In battle Saya is capable of deducing an enemies weakness and fighting style such as with the Eye Elder Barin. When her signature weapon is unavailable she is able to improvise with almost anything sturdy such as a mop handle. In the film The Last Dark Saya practiced extreme caution around most of the other characters and cautiously refrained from consuming most food and drink which later proved justified. Enhanced Speed: When facing off against her father Saya managed to defeat him with several blinding strikes that severed his arms.