ブラン / ホワイトハート, White Heart
Blanc Height: 144 cm The goddess preceding over the land of Lowee. Her appearance doesnt exactly match her personality as she tends to get very loud and angry very easily and this short temper causes her to take her rage out on others usually Neptune or the other goddesses. She also has a foul mouth which can easily be demonstrated in almost any conversation involving her even during the boss fight with her. However Blanc appears to be a shy quiet type of girl who looks lifeless and dull in comparison to others. She enjoys simple quiet hobbies like reading during her spare time or trying to find a relaxing spot to do so. White Heart Height: 146 cm White Heart is known for being the most violent of the four goddesses with a temper to match she seems the least changed between forms in terms of personality. White Hearts appearance indicates she may be the youngest of the four considering her body remains practically unchanged.