Hinata Hakamada

袴田 ひなた, Hina

Birthdate: March 3rd Blood Type: O Height: 131 cm Position: Shooting Guard Class: 6-C The smallest of the girls who often speaks in a polite manner and has a huge collection of plush toys. Despite looking like she is the most innocent and naive of the team, sometimes her behavior suggests otherwise. She is the youngest of the girls, being born in March. Rival boys' basketball team leader Natsuhi happens to have a gigantic crush on her.

She has gained the most basketball development among the girls. She made the game-winning shot against Class D in the sports festival, the day after Natsuhi, who has a crush on her, trained her in jump shooting. Later on, against Suzuridani, she gave significant contribution to their team, including a trick shot over a much bigger defender.

(Source: Wikipedia)