Tieria Erde

Birthday:Dec 9
Unit: GN004 Gundam Nadleeh Tieria seems rather stoic and distant although also proud and arrogant. Constantly believing he has the best interests of Celestial Being in mind he rarely acts out of impulse and has little patience for the impertinent. To this end he often clashes verbally with the other Gundam Meisters as well as their superior Sumeragi Lee Noriega on topics ranging from insubordination to ideology. Tieria is often noted for being on an extremely high horse looking down upon others. Tieria also shows an unnatural loyalty to Veda the supercomputer of Celestial Being which Tieria can directly interface with. This link between Tieria and Veda can explain Tierias holierthanthou attitude and his belief that he is a judge of the members of Celestial Being. Tieria is shown to also be rather intelligent and capable of making competent snap decisions. This direct connection with Veda permits him to know more about Celestial Being than his fellow Meisters. At the start of the series he has an extremely rocky relationship with Setsuna the former does not understand why the latter was chosen by Veda as a Gundam Meister and believes Setsunas brash actions and random insubordination will breach the code of secrecy of Celestial Being. However Tieria eventually found common ground with Setsuna in their vehement dislike of Team Trinity even going so far as to back him up when he decides to combat them this unexpected move along with the teamwork strategies used in the battle surprises the rest of Celestial Being.