Graham Aker

グラハム・エーカー, Mister Bushido, ミスター・ブシドー
Name: Graham Aker Date of birth: September 10 2280 Age: 27 Season 1 / 32 Season 2 / 34 Movie Nationality: Union American First Appearance: Season 1 Episode 1 Celestial Being Unit: YMS01A Union Flag The ace pilot of the Union. Originally on the MSWD Mobile Suit Warehouse and Development mobile suit team with the rank of First Lieutenant recently promoted to Captain he was later transferred to the AntiGundam Investigative Squad. Possessing uncanny instincts he pilots a black custom Union Flag. His signature move is to transform his Flag in mid flight. When fighting the Gundams he exhibits tenacity and skill which makes him a formidable opponent for the Gundams. Mister Bushido Unit: GNXU02X Masurao Source: Gundam Wikia