シンドバッド, Sin, High King of Seven Seas, Stupid King, Legendary Dungeon Capturer, The Sailor, The Conqueror

Age: 29
Height: 183cm
Weakness: loves to drink

He is the king of Sindria and the leader of the Alliance of the Seven Seas. He was 14 years old when he first captured a dungeon, the first dungeon "Bael". Since then, he had sailed the seven seas and captured seven dungeons. He is known as the "Legendary Dungeon Capturer" being the master of seven djinn. He is also commonly known as "High King of Seven Seas". His nickname is Sin. His name is based on "Sinbad the Sailor". He met Aladdin and his friends when he was in Balbadd, trying to reopen trade.

(Source: Wikipedia)