Nene Motoe

求衛 ねね
Age: 14 Occupation: Student Criminal Former member of the Main Cast Twin sister of Nono Motoe and a classmate of Saya. How the two of them act together is similar to Moro and Maru from another of CLAMPs works. Personality: Nene seemed to be a very happy and energetic young girl that would speak in sync with her twin sister Nono. She was very funloving. Appearance: Nene looks completely identical to her sister Nono. She has short curly strawberry blonde hair with a braid that is swept to the left in the front Nonos braid is swept to the right. She has green eyes and pale skin. She has a slim build and legs that are noticeably thicker than most of the female characters. She is mostly seen wearing her high school uniform.