Yuuichirou Tajima

Class: Year 1 Class 9 Family: Great grandfather grandparents parents two older brothers two older sisters sisterinlaw dog cat and hamster. Position: Third baseman catcher and first baseman. D.O.B: October 16th. Uniform number: 5. Throws/Bats: Right/Left. Blood type: B. Height: 164cm. Weight: 53kg. Tajima is a clean up hitter and a baseball prodigy however because of his small build he is unable to hit home runs. He is a naturally out going person and can thus make up for Mihashi039s shy nature. Mihashi and Tajima have been shown to get along well as they share their love of baseball and bad school grades. During middle school his greatgrandfather had to go to the hospital but because no one informed him he had spent the night at home alone worrying while the rest of his family had been at the hospital and then went out to eat dinner completely forgetting about him. Thus Tajima decided to attend Nishiura because it is very close to his home 5 minutes away so if his greatgrandfather or his grandparents ever go to the hospital he would know immediately and not be left behind again. Source: Wikipedia