George Koizumi

George Real name Johji is an eccentric handsome and extremely charismatic student of Yazagaku who has extraordinary talent with a gift for fashion design haute couture in particular. Despite his cold demeanor he has extravagant ideas on everything most of which are not accepted by the general public. He wants Yukari to become an independent woman as well as a girl that will take responsibility for her own mistakes. His appearance is loosely based on Brian Slade of Velvet Goldmine and several references to the film are made by him in the manga. He has distinctive blue hair and eyes making Yukari humorously question if he is an alien. The lifestyle that he lives is topnotch he lives in a loft apartment and drives a vintage Jaguar but because his mother was merely a mistress he rarely sees his father. Regardless his mother dryly complains that he looks and acts just like him. At the end of the series it is shown that he has designed the costumes for a Broadway show. Source: Wikipedia