Miki Hatori

A girl in Ayumu039s class. Strikingly beautiful she is usually the top student of her school and has a quiet willpower and strength. She can relate to what Ayumu is going through. She like Ayumu is the victim of teasing by Manami and her gang but unlike Ayumu she does not let it bother her at least outwardly. She is very independent and mature and has been known to work multiple shady jobs to make her own way such as working behind the counter at the risqueacute Rainbow Cafeacute and being a bunny girl at clubs in the drama she only works at Rainbow Cafeacute and her being a bunny girl is only hinted at. Like most of her classmates Miki is about fifteen or sixteen but she stretches the truth when trying to find work saying instead that she is nineteen. Not much is known about her life but it appears that she lives alone. Her parents are divorced because of financial troubles Miki039s father is seriously ill. Her mother is literally never around and her father039s job keeps him from seeing his family. She has a quotsweetheartquot in her home town. She and Ayumu are best friends. source: Wikipedia