Jun Tao

道 潤

Jun, age 17 at the beginning of the manga, is the older sister of Tao Ren. She was born on October 10, 1981, and has a blood type of A . She is a dao-si (Chinese: 道士, Pinyin: dàoshì, Japanese: doshi, a Daoist priest) who can reanimate corpses. Her jiāngshī (guardian zombie, in Japanese, "kyonshii") is Lee Bailong (known as Lee Pai-Long in the anime), a famous kung-fu movie star similar to Bruce Lee who died seventeen years ago. She used Jufu talismans to control Lee Bailong before; but after she battles Yoh Asakura and Amidamaru and loses, she realizes that spirits have a heart, too, and they just can't be controlled. Jun lets Bailong obey her commands only if he wishes to. In the manga and the original anime, Jun's father is named Tao Yúan (道円, also known as "Tao En"), and her mother is named Ran. In the English anime, her father is dead and En is her uncle. In the English anime, Len and Jun have British accents. Later on in the series, she and Tamao fight against Hana-gumi in order to defend Redseb and Seyrem until Mikihisa shows up. During the fight it is revealed that Bailong received an 'upgrade' of sorts after being defeated by En, in the form of a piston in his right arm which greatly increases his punching power. Also only in the manga, because of her knowledge in human anatomy, she becomes the apprentice of Sati, and she is also able to revive people. (Source: Wikipedia)