Kimi Aoi

葵・喜美, Bel Fiore, Josephine, Clever Sister
Height: 159 cm Weight: 43 kg Sizes: 1175993 Species: Human Tooris older sister. Both she and Toori were born on the same year so they are of the same grade level. Bad with ghosts. Is a follower in the god of eroticism and dance. Dislikes her name Kimi for some reason so she changes it habitually. Though she calls Toori a foolish little brother she also has another side that cares for him. Kimi possesses a sharp tongue and playful attitude and often prefers to have fun instead of taking things seriously. However she has a side that can be caring as well as shown in her relationship with her brother Toori and even in her small gesture to her teacher Makiko Oriotorai. As a sister she is constantly giving support to Toori whenever she can and knows how she can properly help him out when he is in a bind although she had shown a more ruthless side to her love when she was small. Source: GenesisHorizon Wikia