Kanba Takakura

高倉冠葉, Kan Kanba Natsume, 夏芽冠葉
Birthday:Mar 20, 1995
The more serious and colder of the twins. He takes his duty to obtain the Penguin Drum seriously willing to resort to any method to obtain it whether legal or not. He has red hair and is more popular with girls than his brother. He has a past history as a playboy dating girls only to dump them later on causing some heartbroken girls to join forces to take revenge on him. Kanba seems to actually harbor feelings for Himari. Both Kanba Shouma and Ringo were born on the day of the sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway. Throughout the story his feelings and motivation to keep Himari alive become more visible. It is also shown that he is responsible as the eldest to maintain their finances and lifestyle.