Venus Kamiyama

神山 ビーナス, Mama-san
Venus is the mother of Misa Samatarou and Meme and wife to Osamu. The goddess of love appears as a beautiful woman who doesn039t quite act her age and loves playing around with her children and husband. She manages to frequently embarrass her son Samatarou when doing so since she tends to engage in cosplay and has made it clear that she039d engage in casual nudity as well if Samatarou were not so deadset against the idea. Venus seems to have a slight complex about her age and appearance as she can go ballistic when being addressed as 039old lady039 or 039grandmother039 and is easily distracted from the topic if she becomes suddenly worried about her age and looks. Additionally Venus has displayed great jealousy whenever it seems like a girl might be stealing 039her Samatarouchan039 away from her even when that someone might be Tenko. Despite her sillier traits Venus displays considerable flexibility compassion and wisdom when the need arises.