Gammon Sakanoue

逆之上ギャモン, Galileo
Birthday:May 11
A red haired Solver with the title Galileo. He solves puzzle for money purposes and is often trying to get ahead of Kaito in order to claim the purported treasures offered by the POG. He appears to have a crush on Nonoha and even enters a crossdressing contest to show her his feminine side. Gammon holds a very competitive rivalry to Kaito. He calls him Bakaito a combination of Kaitos name and the Japanese word baka meaning idiot. Kaito and him seem to have quite a few similarities their hot temper being the most obvious. Gammon is always seen with his leather jacket and pants giving him a delinquent appearance along with his hairstyle and his way of talking. He also rides a motorcycle. The origin of his name comes from the board game Backgammon. Source: Wikipedia