Chifusa Manyuu

The tomboyish successor of the Manyu clan and an expert samurai. She is hotheaded rash and temperamental but is incredibly loyal and kindhearted. However she is prone to becoming enticed with buxom women as a result of her time with her mother. This often puts her at a disadvantage against the assassins sent after her due to easily being distracted by the assets. Despite the fact that she was meant to continue the tradition of the Many she deserts her family because of her hatred of the unfair system with which her family governs which is judging womens worth based on the size of their breasts and steals the Scroll of Secrets which contains techniques on how to enlarge breasts. She is also the only person capable of a technique known as Breast Flow Chichinagare? which allows her to control the form of breasts and thus allows her to enlarge or reduce breasts. Because of her inexperience with the technique initially she can only use it to absorb other womens breasts. After discovering this technique Chifusa made it her ultimate goal to master it so she could ensure all women in Japan a decentsized bust. A key part of personality is that she disdains large breasts how people are treated with or without them and manipulating people with them such as large breasted girls at a maid inn. Source: Wikipedia