Lal Mirch

Affiliation: COMSUBIN Former Arcobaleno Corrupted CEDEF Rings: Cloud series centied ring PurityE Mist series ring PurityC Mist stealth ring PurityD Boxes: Centipede Storage box Balloon Arcobaleno: Failed Rain Lal Mirch is the holder of a corrupted pacifier stating that she cannot live up to the Arcobaleno name and considers herself to be one of its weakest members.This is due to her curse being incomplete after Colonnello her former subordinate in the Italian Navy special forces unit COMSUBIN attempted to take her place. Her incomplete transformation clouded her pacifier and caused her original rain energy to change into both the mist and cloud energies as well as causing the scars on her face. However by not using her Arcobaleno powers Lal039s curse gradually disappeared which is why she eventually became an adult again. She is part of Vongola039s CEDEF or Outside Advisors and first appears during the Varia Arc. She is helps Oregano and Turmeric in giving Iemitsu time to confront the 9th.