Isami Hanaoka

花丘 イサミ
A fifth grader boyish pretty girl who is returnee who moves in from the United States to OhEdo elementary school. She is very good at study and sports. She is a descendant of Issaku who is the member of Shinsengumi Hatsumeitai invention corps Together with Toshi Soushi Kei which is the posterity of the same Shinsengumi Hatsumeitai member as her she introduced himself an Shinsengumi and subjugates a villain. they hide real nature. Isamii uses the quotRyu no Tsurugi Sword of Dragonquot that they discovered from the warehouse in her grandfather039s house. Ryu no Tsurugi is usually only the handle of the hexagon however a blade of the light emerges in Ryu no Tsurugi by shout of Isami Toshi Soushi.