Data 7

Cyber 29 was part of the Cyber Series created by Dr. Von Reichter. When Cyber 29 was a child his best friend was Cybersix. One day Cyber 29 and his older sister Cybersix were out playing. He went on the edge of a cliff to pick a flower for her. As he was handing it to her the cliff edge suddenly cracked and fell along with Cyber 29 on it. Cyber 29 died however Von Reichter saved his brain for a later use. That use came when Dr. Von Reichter created his Data Series. Cyber 29039s brain was placed in the body of a black panther and named Data 7. Data 7039s mission was to find and kill Cybersix. While he was on his mission his memory came back to him and Data 7 remembered that Cybersix was not his enemy but his sister that he loved. So Data 7 rebelled against Von Reichter and joined Cybersix to stop him.