Fukune Narukara

鳴唐 吹音
Birthday : March 24 Height : 146 cm Weight : 37 kg from Episode 1 in the paper given by Kuroki BWH : Approx. 705672 A student of Inspiration Academy. She is the supposed genius of the clarinet. The clarinet she owns was a gift given to her by her father. She is a shy girl who forms a close relationship with Taketo after he attempts to interview her and helps her in times of need. Although she knows Taketo is an author she does not know he writes erotic fiction. Fukune is an awkward person to talk to because she doesnt reply often. Fukune has a tendency read things aloud whenever she sees them even repeating what she hears while asleep. Fukunes father is also a famous clarinetist. She tries her best to live up to his expectations she constantly practices leaving little time to go out.