Kakyo Kuzuki

One of the Dragons of earth a dreamseer in a permanent coma appearing as a tall man with a sad expression golden eyes long pale hair and almost always dressed in white. His ability to see the future in dreams was discovered at an early age and as a result he was kept a prisoner by an unknown political group. Having never seen the outside world he drew Sumeragi Hokuto into his dreams and fell in love with her after she showed him the sea through her own imagination. However he foresaw that she would go to her death at the hands of the Sakurazukamori and broke out of his room in an effort to stop her shot by one of his guards with a sniper rifle he failed to reach her in time and sank into the coma in which he spends the duration of the X story. He came to believe that the future was immutable and began to wish for his death although unable to kill himself being in a physical coma. In Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle