Cloud Strife

クラウド・ストライフ, Ex-SOLDIER, Miss Cloud, Spiky, Spike
Date of Birth: August 11 or August 19 Place of Birth: Nibelheim Age: 16 FF Before Crisis FF Crisis Core 21 FFVII 23 FF Advent Children 24 FF Dirge of Cerberus Blood Type: AB Height: 5 7 173 cm Main protagonist of Final Fantasy VII. He has blonde hair and vivid blue eyes and is a featured SOLDIER member. His shimmering blue eyes are a sign of having been exposed to mako energy from Shinra. By the beginning of the original game Cloud is a mercenary working for the AVALANCHE group. At first Cloud displays a cold and uncaring demeanor but he gradually adapts to his role as a leader. Aerith and Tifa are potential love interests for him.