リヴァイ, Levi Heichou (リヴァイ兵長), Captain Levi, Jinrui Saikyou no Heishi (人類最強の兵士), Humanity's Strongest Soldier, Heishichou (兵士長) Levi Ackerman (リヴァイ・アッカーマン)
Birthday:Dec 25
Blood Type:A
Height: 160 cm 53 Affiliation: Survey Corps Squad Captain Special Operations Squad Squad Captain of the Special Operations Squad known as Squad Levi within the Survey Corps. He is known as humanitys strongest soldier. Levi is abrasive blunt and has a strong respect for structure and discipline. He is a cleanfreak demanding spotless cleanliness of himself his equipment and his environment. Rumors say he was involved in underground crime in his life before coming a soldier. Despite his emotionless and unfriendly demeanor Levi cares deeply for his squad and greatly values human life.