Tenko Kamiyama

Tenko is a redhaired redeyed angel that was summoned to Earth on the very day that Samatarou was born to be his guardian and guide until he was ready to move ahead by himself. Since Tenko appeared in the form of a newborn she has grown up with Samatarou and developed feelings for him along the way. This did not stop her from acting as Samatarou039s conscience and occasionally punishing him for what she considered to be his misdeeds. Tenko tries to help her charge with his first crush only to suffer conflicting feelings when she realizes her own feelings. Despite having considerable willpower and integrity Tenko is in some ways as innocent as a child and lacks some knowledge of general human traffic. For instance she was quite unknowing about the method of conceiving children and operated by the same explanation that Meme got first boy and girl kiss then the stork comes. A defining trait of Tenko is that whenever she suffers an emotional extreme of some sort steam visibly erupts from the top of her head.