Sae Kashiwagi

柏木 さえ
She does everything to ruin Momos life. Her fair features pale skin brown hair serve as a contrast for Momo her innocent appearance belies her scheming manipulative nature. She is the one who spreads malicious gossip about her Something Momo knows but has trouble dealing with as people are more apt to believe in Sae than the airheaded ganguro girl. She often uses the gossip to make people dislike Momo as a result of her own jealousy and insecurity. One of the rumors she spreads says that she is dating Touji and that Momo is trying to steal him from her when it is actually the other way around. She really is mean and doesnt care for Momo and is neither her real friend. All she wants is popularity in school a hated outcast named Momo and Touji all for herself. She will stop at nothing to complete this task. Later she dates a male model to get revenge on Momo the nastiest scheme she has ever plotted. She basically ruins Momos and Tojis lives.