Ouka Shumisen


Height: 178 cm Weight__: 60.5kg
Feet to Shoulder: 152.5cm
Upper Body Length: 63.5cm
Leg Length: 89cm
Head Circumference: 31.1cm
Chest Circumference: 95cm
Waist: 63
Under Bust: 75 (E)
Chin to Bust: 23cm
Nipple Distance: 18.6cm

El-Palacio's leader and the face of the group.
Loud, brash and pushy, she does what she wants and doesn't care what other people think. This attitude extends to her in-ring performances, which have led to fans labeling her a heel, much to her annoyance. Underneath her rough exterior she cares deeply about the members of El-Palacio, but is more of a "sink or swim" mentor rather than one who simply tells people what they need to know. Along with Mariko, she is one of the original members of El-Palacio during its glory days and wants to restore it to prominence, which leads to her doing reckless things to attract attention. Ouka usually treats Tadasuke more like a pet than a person, but as he gets acclimated to his new life and becomes an honest and reliable referee, she begins seeing him as a man and finds herself falling in love with him.
It is implied through Tadasuke's recovered memory that they knew each other as children, but Ouka doesn't acknowledge this.

(Source: wiki)