Sasha Blouse

サシャ・ブラウス, Sasha Braus, Imo Onna (芋女), Potato Girl
Birthday:Jul 26
Initial Age:16
Initial Height: 168cm Affiliations: Survey Corps Originally from Dauper a remote and scarcely populated village of hunters located in a mountain forest in the southern area of Wall Rose. Sasha joined the military as a cadet of the 104th Training Corps where she ranked 9th upon graduation. She is highly skilled with a bow and arrow and has uncanny intuition but her eccentricity and unconventional methods make her a poor fit for group operations. Sasha is a friendly and funloving girl. She speaks with a local accent from her home village but initially hid it out of embarrassment by using overly formal and polite speech. She is a constant food hoarder and is known to have an incredible appetite eating provided her with considerable gratification and relief especially during times of great stress and food was often the only thing on her mind when at ease. Note: Sasha Blouse is the official English translation by Kodansha.