Adelicia Ren Mathers


Head of the Magic Society Goetia. Daughter of the prestigious Mathers family (descendant of king Solomon). Practices the dark arts of Solomon and is able to summon and command the seventy-two spirits of the Ars Goetia. So far she usually summon attack type spirits. No recovery types are summoned yet. She was competing with Honami for top seat at the "School" in England but left to secede Goetia's leadership. Becoming the youngest company head in history, she chased after her father to Japan.

She also has a crush on Itsuki and just like Honami, is the first one to put him down for his low capabilities. Adilicia would also hit Itsuki when any other girl paid even the slightest attention to him. She has had a rivalry with Honami earlier as well. She sits to the right of Itsuki at school. She is bad at cooking. The issue concerning her father was resolved with the help of Astral. After that, she remained in Japan living the life of a high schooler with Itsuki and the others. She returned to England because the Goetia headquarters needed her. During the alchemist incident, she became a big shareholder owning 20% of the Astral's operations. After the incident, she fights alongside the employees of Astral.