Minuki Naruhodou

成歩堂みぬき, Trucy Wright,Trucy Enigmar

Trucy Wright is Apollo Justice's "sidekick" and Phoenix Wright's adopted daughter. She is a professional stage magician born into the Gramarye family of magicians, her biological father being Zak Gramarye and her grandfather being Magnifi Gramarye. As such, her original name is Trucy Enigmar. Trucy is bright, energetic and very naïve. However, underneath all this, she is also very perceptive and intelligent, usually being able to piece things together in and out of court even more quickly than Apollo Justice does. She recently became a fan of Klavier Gavin and his band, getting a large "allowance bonus" from her father to buy a great deal of their merchandise. She often orders "Extra-spicy" curry, just to make sure it is, in fact, spicy. However, the curry turns out to be too spicy for her, and she always wastes it. Despite her cheerful demeanor, Phoenix has said that she is hiding a deep sadness. This is understandable given that, as far as she knows, she has lost both her biological parents. (Source: The Ace Attorney Wiki)