Tomoyo Sakagami

坂上智代, Tomo-pyon
Birthday: October 14 Zodiac: Libra Blood Type: O Height: 161cm Weight: 47kg Tomoyo transferred to Tomoyas school as a second year student during spring. Although Tomoya is older than her Tomoyo does not show him his due respect as a senior student. She has a younger brother named Takafumi . She is rumored to be violent and to have a misconduct record for fighting. These rumors are later confirmed when she beats up several delinquents from her previous school at a day during school hours. Youhei challenges Tomoyo unable to believe what he saw. After several meetings with Tomoyo Tomoya learns from Tomoyo that she wants to be a student council president and later her reason of wanting to be one. In Clannad: Another World Tomoyo Chapter In the Movie