Jin Tsurasawa


Jin is a smooth-talking and charming son of a politician. Jin’s a “Former” member of Phantom, a group of mercenaries currently assigned to apprehend a young girl named Sona, whom Jin and his companion Jo are protecting. He’s incredibly intelligent and skilled and can control his Mecha exceptionally well and although he talks more than Jo he never fully expresses what’s on his mind to others. With his pale skin and white hair, Jin is quite a contrast to Jo, Another Former Phantom Agent. It seems Jin is the one who masterminded Sana’s rescue and helped her escape. Major Spoilers

Jin's motives for aiding Sana are selfish ones. He used revenge as a temporary motivation, but really, he is completely on the military's side. He killed Sana's father and doesn't care for her or Jo at all and only sees them as tools to achieve his goal. Really, he is envious of Joe because of his ability to control his mecha.