Tsukasa Kozuki

Tsu-bo, Tsuka-chan
Has been raised as a boy but is actually a girl. It was her mothers wish to be strong and not to lose to boys in a city where women lived in fear. Shes very naive good at fighting and hates 2 things rapists and yakuza but when it comes to Ryuji...well things can be different. She has a good sense of smell especially for money and crime. Is in debt to Ryuji and is now his bodyguard in an attempt to pay it off. Regularly transforms into other guys gals and animals... Looks like a mature woman when she dresses like a girl... Her main weapon is a chain which she keeps in a pouch at her waist. Dont ask why but in colour pictures her hair is usually purplishblack and her eyes are purple. Is good at taking charge in a crisis situation. Has a complicated past with deep ties to the yakuza who she hated so much... and while she wanted to escape from that reality lately shes been standing up to her true roots. kuryugumi fan site