Yuu Himura

火村 夕

A man who during the first series is found often in the Australian Otowa Church. He admits he isn't a Christian, and that he is merely "waiting for someone."

It is later revealed that he is Chihiro's guardian, of whom he is heavily protective. He is linked to an unknown female figure that appears throughout the Japanese Otowa, often in its church, although the link is never explained in detail during the first series.

Himura becomes a main character during the second EF series, part of which is dedicated to his past and his relationship with the previously unknown woman.

He blames himself for not being able to save his sister during an earthquake when they were very young, and this feeling becomes a burden to him for much of his younger life. After the earthquake he is seen living in an orphanage, where he meets Yuuko for the first time (the unknown woman in the first EF series).

Himura enjoys drawing, although does not always like to admit to that fact. He is a quiet and thoughtful person during his later life, often not revealing the whole truth or deliberately being vague when questioned.