Chihaya Ayase

綾瀬千早, Chi-chan

Birthday: June 1 (Gemini)
Blood type: B
Height: 167cm
Weight: 54 kg
School: Municipal Mizusawa High School - Year 2
Class 9 - Karuta Club captain
Karuta Society: Shiranami Society, A Class
Favourite Food: Chocolate, pollock squid
Hobby: Collecting Daddy Bear merchandise

A determined schoolgirl who "possesses a remarkable hearing ability". She believes that by persevering in karuta, she will meet Arata again, and begins a karuta club at her high school with Mashima. While she is beautiful, she is considered too weird; her classmates refer to her as a "waste of a beauty". She has been described as a "tomboy trapped in a supermodel's body". Favourite Song: Poem #17 Even when the gods Held sway in the ancient days, I have never heard That water gleamed with autumn red As it does in Tatsuta's stream (Source: Wikipedia)