Hikaru Shiina

During Tsubasas first encounter with a Maguar a Ribers container was ruptured and the contents made contact with her. Within seconds the Ribers fused with Tsubasa to form Figure 17 which eliminated the alien threat. Shortly afterwards they separated and the Ribers molded itself into an identical copy of Tsubasa and called itself quotHikaruquot. Aside from physical appearance Hikaru shares the same memories with Tsubasa. After D.D. brainwashes Tsubasas father to hide his and Hikarus identity Hikaru goes to Tsubasas school as her twin sister. In contrast to Tsubasas shy nature Hikaru is lively talkative and outgoing. Consequently this slowly helps Tsubasa become more open to everyone around her. Source: http://figure17.areaseven.net