Nayuta Kihara

木原 那由他
Kihara Nayuta Kihara Nayuta? is a character introduced in a Toaru Kagaku no Railgun mininovel by Baccano and Durarara author Narita Ryogho. Like her relative Therestina Kihara Lifeline Nayuta took part in experiments at a young age but because those experiments ensured the participants safety her relatives looked down on her in disdain which sparked her anger over being called a flawed item. She had no kids the same age as her to talk to back then and she talked with Nunotaba Shinobu only a few times. One day she met in the Advanced Education Department Edasaki Banri and the other Child Errors that Kiyama Harumi was teaching and became friends with them after a rocky start. Wanting to prove that they werent flawed items Nayuta and her friends aimed to join Judgment protect Academy City and become Level 5s but the experiment that left her friends comatose shook Nayuta leading her to believe that her friends teacher Kiyama was to blame. Driven by revenge on Kiyama her own desire to fulfill the dream she and her friends shared and the naive idea that she could save children from dangerous experiments by taking their place Nayuta volunteered herself to her grandfather Kihara Gensei. She later learned of Kiyamas actions to save Banri and the others and of Misaka Mikoto stopping Kiyama which made her want to challenge Mikoto to see if Mikoto was someone to be admired. She is part of a special branch of the Advanced Education Department that is affiliated with Judgment. Source: Toaru Majutsu no Index Wikia