Shaorin Shugogetten

守護月天 小璘
A moon spirit who wears traditional styled costumes she has little understanding of the human world after spending a few thousand years in the confines of the shitenrin. Throughout the anime her purpose is to protect Tasuke and she does so by summoning different assistants called hoshigami literally quotstar godsquot through the ring. She initially causes trouble for Tasuke by destroying harmless household objects in her efforts to protect him. She is banned from going to the school after destroying some of it. Because of this Shaorin sends Rishuu to protect Tasuke at school. In the manga her misguided efforts to protect him the first day cause Tasuke to order her to go away saying that he can protect himself. A bit later she apologizes and asks his permission to protect him from loneliness. On that basis the manga continues. She develops feelings for Tasuke and gets jealous when Kaori shows up in episode 12 and in the last 2 episodes she finally realizes what she feels for Tasuke. Her given name might be Shao with quotrinquot being an affectionate suffix. Vol 5 of the manga shows that people casually familiar with her think that she039s an ordinary person and her family name last name is quotShugogettenquot. Source: Wikipedia