Daiya Shinpo

Birthday: August 31 Blood type: O Age: 1718 Gender: Male Daiya is an athletic youth with average height and weight and with a lean and toned body. He has brown hair and eyes and rosy lips that most of his friends tend to make fun of. He likes to wear baggy clothes that he can feel comfortable in and instead of the shirt from the uniform he wears a white hoodie under the jacket. His bright smile is the main trait in his looks and its usually enough bring any girl down to her kneeswell almost any girl. When his seriousalthough he rarely is he emits an aura of mystery and no one can tell what hes thinking. Quirks: Hes very bright optimistic ongoing and nothing seems to bring him down. Daiyas somewhat of a player and even though he doesnt believe in datingbecause he thinks it would be too egoistical of him to date only one girl he still likes to flirt a lot with most of the female students. Although he looks happygolucky on the outside he does have a serious side as well and he mostly shows it when it comes to his close friends. Daiyas very protective and in constant need of attention. If he doesnt receive it he gets very jealous but due to his personality he tries not to show it. People often take advantage of the fact that hes so easy going and forget Daiyas also capable of having his feelings hurt. However when that happens he tends to brush it off as though nothing is wrongit takes a lot to wipe that bright smile off his face. Although hes very shallow when choosing girls meaning that he would go out with anything with a cute face a nice body he tries his best not to hurt their feelings and hes always nice and kind to the ones who confess their love for him. Daiya has a free spirit and will do things to the extreme most of the times no matter what it is he puts a lot of passion into it. Although hes smart he likes to play stupid and act naive in hope that hell get out of troublesome situations without having to think too much. History: Daiya comes from a family with a lot of geniuses. His father is the CEO of a software company while his mother is a talented chemist which has her own line of makeup and perfumes. The boy was also born with a high IQ and his parents decided to teach him from an early age the joy of studding. However Daiya was not the kind to be confined in the house all day and he always used to run away in order to play with the kids from the normal neighborhoods nearby. He soon realized that the outside world was very different from the one in his house and that people didnt call him Oujisama and didnt let him win at games just because he was rich. Because he always came back with bruises from all the playing his parents finally noticed and forbid him to ever leaving the house without their knowledge. However his grandmother from his father side came to his aid and told his parents that if they couldnt offer Daiya a free and happy childhood then she will. So she took the boy and they both moved into a mansion in the residential neighborhood of Kyoto. Although he still loves his parents very much Daiya refused to come home until they could accept him for who he was. He went to normal school until he turned 15 and his grandmother decided it was about time Daiya started thinking about his future. She enrolled him at Seikou because it was one of the best private schools and because she was a good friend of the headmistress. To her surprise not only did her grandson pass his entrance exams but he got high marks as well even though he didnt study much. Its because despite being a carefree person Daiya also has a dream and that is to become an architect and he grew very conscious that this high school will help him achieve that. Even from his freshman year he became very popular because of his personality and good looks and he only stayed with the important people in school. Because of the attention he was receiving he started being a bit selfish but definitely not a snob since he respects commoners a lot. Hes the representative of the junior year and his goal is to become vicepresident next year because he adores Himeyukas intelligencechest. Grade: Junior Relations: His father Satoshi Shinpo and mother Hanabe Shinpo who he loves and often talks to but he still refuses to come back home. His grandmother Sachiko Shinpo whos also his best friend and confident but who doesnt like to be called Bachan since she doesnt want to feel old so she makes Daiya call her Sacchan. His cousin Ichi Komori from his mother side who is one year older than him and in the same high school. Skills: Hes a natural at sports but he mostly enjoys and practices extreme ones. Good at tennis he joined the team after the captain asked him to in his freshman yearhe plans on taking the captain position next year. Good at drawing but mostly landscapes and buildings. He practices boxing and playing the guitar but mostly as a hobbies. Character Likes: freedom girls skateboarding ice cream bright colors Favorite subjects: P.E. Geometry Character Dislikes: boundaries rainy days bugs quiet people liars Least favorite subject: Calculus