Touya Kanou

Tya is the 18yearold vampire that Chiyuki meets. While Tya tells Chiyuki that he hates blood Yamimaru reveals to Chiyuki that he like any other vampire does indeed like blood but simply doesnt want to be a burden on anyone. He can be out during the daytime though still avoids garlic. Since he doesnt take in any blood he has become anemic and whenever he is starving for food he often falls over and is unable to move around until his bat Yamimaru comes to help him. The main reason Tya doesnt want to look for a partner is that he has too nice a personality and wouldnt want to force anyone to live for 1000 years as he sees it as more of a curse than a blessing. He often puts on the faccedilade that hes a tough guy but in reality hes quite the opposite. He extremely dislikes Satsuki. As noted by Yamimaru he is just jealous that he and Chiyuki have become so close because he cares for Chiyuki more than anyone else.