Neya Muito

六兎 閨
A 16year old female Itsuwaribito who was exiled to Nadeshiko Island who is not related to any crimes. She speaks in a royal highclass lady speak in the Japanese version. She has crimson eyes and hair that is white and lightly colored with a cherry blossom pink. She used to wear her hair in joined pigtails but she now wears her hair in a ponytail. She is very good with lies so good that she was able to trick Utsuho once. She is quite downtoearth and has it together but there are times that she is very clumsy and often causes many mistakes that cannot even be joked about. Chouza even says She doesnt look like shed be any help in battle. Her main weapon is a bow and arrow but in fact it is a tool to help hide her true weapon of kunai. Her prison time on Nadeshiko Island was in fact far over but she stayed on the island and helped to take care of the islands many children. However the people of the island wished for Neya to be free and go to the mainland and with their plans they tricked Neya to go with Utsuho. At the same time she received the villagers sincerity and became determined to create a village on the mainland for all of them. She continues to aim to recruit Yakuma as the villages doctor. She is in love with Utsuho and always tries to help him but these efforts often end up with no results. Utsuho has shown some slight signs of affection towards her. Her height is 162.5 cm approximately 53. Her three sizes are 79/59/80. Her favorite foods are dishes with carrots. Her blood type is O. She loves children and she absolutely adores Minamo. She is very good at cooking almost to the level of a culinary genius.