Shirou Karina

Karina is a police official who frequently calls on Keita and Yko for help with cases that have a spirit monster or magical event at its core. He has stated that he is collecting the quotdevil039s toysquot created by an ancient wizard named Sekidsai. He has more than once gotten Keita off the hook when the latter is once again arrested for indecent exposure after angering Yko. Karina wields an enchanted weapon he calls Angel Blade in combat. One of its signature attacks is the Holy Crush. It is later revealed that Sekidsai is his ancestor the two men look very much alike except for their different hair colours. Their characters are very different as well whereas Karina is a morally upstanding person Sekidsai is a pervert. However it is later hinted at that subconsciously Karina may be a pervert although definitely not to the same extent as his ancestor. He is frequently shown in a variety of fetishes some granted by misinterpreted wishes and others the products of his subconscious desires.