Miyuki Igarashi

五十嵐 美由紀
Miyuki is the homeroom teacher of class 1A and has a reputation for being a hard drinker. She is frequently tardy or daydreaming in class either because she is suffering from a hangover or because she is simply bored with teaching. Miyuki is known by her students to never dress up nor wear makeup and to almost always reek of alcohol. She frequently stares out the window of her classroom and says that she wishes she was a cloud a wish that often is only heard by Shu. She owns an imported MG Midget in British Racing Green of which she is quite protective. After Jijii did her the favor of asking the headmaster to allow her to park it on campus she lets him drive it whenever he likes. Despite him being a reckless driver however he always brings it back without a scratch on it. Often the empty seats in her class are replaced with Japanesestyle scarecrows. source:Wikipedia