Ataru Moroboshi

諸星あたる, Darling, Honey

A student at Tomobiki High School, Class 2-4, Ataru suffers from an incredible amount of bad luck, having been born on the unluckiest day of the Bhuddist calendar. He is very lecherous, stupid, and lazy. Though he often tries to escape from Lum and flirts with other women, he really does have feelings for her. Ataru's main goal in life is to live in the center of a harem composed of exotic and beautiful women (including Lum and most of her alien friends). His pick-up techniques would creep out most stalkers. Usually, he just walks up to a woman he's never met before and asks for her name, phone number, and address. Once he decides to go after a particular female, virtually no force on Earth (or from outer space) can stop him. He refused to admit it but, deep down, he proved in the later episodes that it was Lum that he truly loved. (source:Wikipedia)