ラム, The Invader, Lamu, Lamù
Lum is a beautiful Oni alien who is capable of flying and generating electrical shocks. She is extremely popular and is famous for ending her sentences with datcha loosely translated as yes? or you know?. Except when in her school girls uniform she usually wears a sexy outfit consisting of a tigerstriped bikini and kneehigh gogo boots. While generally goodnatured sweet and innocent Lum also has a very hot temper. Her dream in life is to live in a Sweet Home with Darling in which she keeps house and raises babies while Ataru works. Unfortunately Lums idea of cooking is to take very spicy ingredients like jalapenos cayenne peppers and Tabasco sauce and irradiate them with an alien energy bazooka until they carbonize into inedible crystallized nuggets. As an alien she has access to many bizarre gadgets whose use she really doesnt understand all that well leading to comedic results. Differences between human and Invader physiology also drive many stories like the time Lums horns begin to grow larger after she is bitten by a cow or the time she becomes drunk by eating pickled plums.